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Are you looking for an Avon representative? Then look no further.

My name is Bobbi Casey and I have been selling Avon for 10 years. What started out as a way to meet new people, socialize and just have fun turned into something totally different when my husband was laid off during the 2008 economy slump. You just don’t realize what a toll it takes when you lose an entire income. I still had my 9-5 job but I really had to step it up if I wanted pay my utilities and my mortgage. So what started as a hobby turned out to be my lifeline.

Avon has done so much for me both personally and financially.  I am a successful Avon Independent Sales Representative, Gold Ambassador Unit Leader, Honor Society member, Skin Care Specialist and National Recruiter.  I have my own team of representatives “ Team Incredibles” that are very successful with their Avon businesses.  I have customers and team members across the entire United States and we stay in touch all the time.  I specialize in online sales and my Avon store is open 24/7.

I make a point to let my customers know that I am always available to guide, answer questions and just be there no matter what issues arise.  So if you ever have questions about any Avon products, need help with your order, would like a current brochure, samples or more information on starting your own online Avon business don’t hesitate to contact me.

Want 10% off your first order with no maximum order?  Use code WELCOME10 (one time use per customer).  Visit my Avon online store for free shipping when you order $40 or more (no coupon code needed)!!!  I will also provide you with future promotional codes and special offers.

Want to start your own Avon business? Go to startavon.com and if asked use Reference Code:  BCASEY

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