What Are Soap Brows? How to Get Flawless, Bushy Brows

I found this article on Avon and I was not aware of this trend so I did a little research and found this information. I wanted to share Avon’s article as it may be something you have thought about trying.

My research found
Believe it or not, soap brows have been a makeup hack amongst professional makeup artists for years now. They are just now getting the attention they deserve, thanks to a few makeup artists that came out and talked about this hack openly. 

Avon’s Article
Want to get your best brows yet? The solution to thicker, fuller-looking brows is here and it’s none other than the soap brow. A recent beauty trend that the industry has been buzzing about, soap brows are created using soap and a fine-bristled brush. The result? Brows look full and fluffy as ever. Below, we’ve broken down how to achieve the perfect soap brow.


First, make sure you are stocked with the essentials—you might already have soap brow tools at home! You can either use a spoolie or a toothbrush—we love Perioe White Action Toothbrush—as your brush. You can even clean off an old Love at 1st Lash Mascara for a DIY spoolie brush. Or, you can buy disposable spoolies online or at your local drugstore.

Next, you need a bar of soap. The type of soap you use is important, as you don’t want to any highly scented formulas so close to the eye area. Your best bet is a gentle unscented soap, preferably one that is suitable for the face. We recommend a facial bar soap to ensure it’s safe for skin. White and colored soaps can leave residue on the brows, so a clear bar soap is your best option. Look for soaps containing glycerin, as it helps protect skin’s moisture barrier while keeping hairs in place.

If you want to simplify your soap brow experience, you can purchase a ready-made soap brow kit, complete with spoolie brushes and soap that’s formulated for your brows. They’re easy to find online with a quick search.

Get flawless brows in a few simple steps. Wet the brush with a bit of water (or a spray if you purchased a kit that came with one) and dab it into the soap. Using an upward motion, brush your brows—as high as you desire for maximum volume, or mimic the natural direction of your brows for a subtly voluminous look. You can also add as many coats of soap to brows as you’d like—the bushier, the better!

Top off your fluffy brows with a coat of brow gel like Hi-Brow Sculpting Gel, a tinted gel that fills and shapes for a long-lasting soft matte finish. Everyone will be envious of your beautifully bushy brows! For more ways to amp up your brows, check our brow collection.

Pro tip: Do your soap brows before applying any face makeup (like foundation or concealer) to avoid smearing.


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