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Haiku and Haiku Kyoto Flower


Spring is one of my favorite seasons! Who doesn’t love the bright floral prints and the lightness of everything.  Spring brings change….If you’re looking for a simple seasonal update why not try a change of fragrance?

I will give you some fragrance ideas that stay with the spirit of spring.  I will never give you fragrance choices without a description to help you imagine the scent.  Experience the classic fragrance of Haiku and Haiku Kyoto Flower from Avon. Haiku is fresh with jasmine, lilies, and sparkling citrus. A simple statement of sheer poetry! The Haiku Eau de Parfum Spray is a scent as timeless as your beauty. A quick spray of this floral perfume and you are transported to a beautiful Japanese garden in full bloom. The long-lasting fragrance calms with it’s fresh and clean scent.  Haiku Kyoto Flower is floral with violet leaf, white peony and soft cotton musk. Awaken your senses and the day with Haiku Kyoto Flower. A bolder take on the traditional Haiku is the same floral perfume but with green and musky aromas.

Want your fragrance to last longer? There are a few tricks to help your fragrance last. For instance, a scent will fade faster when skin is dry. Layering products from the same line is another effective way to make a fragrance last. Use the scented body or shower gel, add your body lotion, and then spray your fragrance on top. This allows the droplets to cling to the moisture of the lotion. The combination of products will help the scent to maintain fullness and extend it throughout the day.

Don’t forget to place your fragrance on several “pulse points” so your body warmth allows the scent to drift through the air. These areas are where the blood vessels are closest to the skin. Best places would be behind your ears, the bends of your elbows, your pulse area of your throat, behind your knees and each wrist.

Don’t just wear a fragrance because it is made by popular designer. Step out of your comfort zone and try something new! Put spring in motion!!



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