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It’s sandal season! Wow…I don ‘t know about you but my feet get a little(or a lot) neglected during the winter season.

Our feet take a lot of abuse from heels to boots and lack of moisturizing. And what’s the best way to get into the spirit of spring and feel completely sandal-ready? A luxurious DIY pedicure, of course!

I am a little cautious about salon pedicures and when I do go, I try to only go where I watch them sanitize. You don’t really need an expensive spa treatment to take care of your feet.

Just spending a few minutes every day on foot care can keep you free of problems. You can do your own DIY home foot care routine with Avon Foot Works Foot Care. Soothe, pamper and treat your feet to luxurious foot care products. Dual action pedi-peel, pedicure tool, arthritis achy feet and muscle cream, overnight renewing cream, cracked heel cream and so much more. Check out all the special foot care products at my online store and stay a step ahead in foot care!


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