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Avon Gel Finish 7-in-1 Nail Enamel


My Best Nail Polish Tips

Avon’s Gel Finish 7-in-1 Nail Enamel is the best nail polish that I have used in years. High-shine mani without the UV light!

Skip those pricey salon visits and get the high shine gel look at home. Seven benefits: Shine, Gel-like Finish, Protection, Strengthener, Vivid Colour, Base and Top Coat. Removable with regular nail polish remover. Doesn’t contain formaldehyde, toluene or DBP.

Now this polish lasts a long time and I add the Gel Finish Clear Top Coat over everything. Even if I treat myself to a professional manicure and pedicure the first thing I do when I get home is add the clear gel top coat  to make it last longer. I will let you know that this polish is not easy to remove so I do use an acetone nail polish remover if needed.

A professional manicure and pedicure is a luxury, and it is also time-consuming and can be expensive.

If you do your own manicures at home, it’s easy to change up your color or the design to fit with your day’s mood. A great manicure can completely turn your day around, but a bad manicure can have the absolute opposite effect. No matter how many times you’ve painted your nails in the past, the whole process can very quickly become messy and result in an unattractive manicure. Take advantage of the following tips to ensure your manicure ends up its best each time.

Wash Up Beforehand

If you regularly use hand creams and lotions, make sure you thoroughly wash your hands before starting your manicure. Any lotions on your nails when you start painting can cause problems with the adhesion of the polish to your nails. There will be time to moisturize your hands afterward.

Remove All Old Polish

Before starting a new manicure, make sure you remove all traces of the old one. Try using a non-acetone remover to help maintain the health of your nails. Removers containing acetone can weaken and dry nails out. Use a cotton pad or ball, something that won’t scratch the surface of the nail, for removing old polish.

Lighten Dark Nails

If your nails have discolored from wearing dark-colored polishes, lighten them up with lemon juice and baking soda. Make a paste of these two ingredients and use an old toothbrush to scrub the paste over discolored nails. Both ingredients in the paste will help to remove the stains left behind by dark polishes.

Use a Base Coat

If you’re attracted to darker polish colors like I am, use a base coat to keep them from sitting directly on your nails. It’s these dark colors that can stain fingernails and toenails. By using a base coat, you’re adding a layer between the dark color and your nail. Many base coats have additives that will help to strengthen nails, as strong nails are a key to a good manicure.

MANICURE TIP…Avon  has the best Basecoat and Topcoat to ensure no chipping but if you ever find yourself without a base coat here’s a great tip.

VINEGAR Because chipping polish can be a nuisance, apply a light coat of white vinegar to the nails using a cotton ball. Allow the solution to dry and then paint your nails. This will moisturize the cuticles and set the polish so that it lasts longer. After the nail polish dries wash your hands and feet in warm soapy water to get rid of the vinegar smell.

Use a Top Coat

Like base coats, top coats are formulated to help your manicure last longer. They dry harder than most other polishes to ensure your manicure will last. You can always add another layer of top coat after a couple of days to ensure your manicure lasts even longer.

Allow for Drying Time

Using your hands before the polish is fully dry is the best way to ensure you ruin your manicure. Plan enough time to account for the adequate drying of each layer, and a little extra so you don’t run out of time. Each layer should be fully dry before proceeding to the next.

Remove Any Mistakes

If you happen to get some polish on your cuticle or finger, remove it as soon as you can. If you wait until you’ve completed your whole manicure, that polish will be dry and much harder to remove. The best way to remove polish from areas where it shouldn’t be is to use a cotton swab (or an orange stick wrapped in cotton) dipped in polish remover. There are also polish remover pens available.

These simple tips will ensure you have the best manicure possible. Perhaps the most important is to make sure all layers are completely dry before applying the next layer. The best manicures are also completed with the fewest strokes possible. The more strokes you make with the brush, the more chance there is of creating streaks or thin spots. Depending on the size of your nail bed and the polish brush, most layers can be completed in three swipes of the brush. To keep your manicure looking its best, remember to moisturize your cuticles and hands regularly.



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