Did You Know Mosquitoes Love Beer?

Fight the Bite’

Even though the first day of fall has passed some areas of the US are still battling mosquitoes and other insects. There is always the worry of Zika and other viruses.

I read an interesting article that said birds, horses and humans can get infected with West Nile virus through a single mosquito bite. A vaccine is available for horses but not for humans…I found that strange.

Mosquitoes usually don’t fly far so the small step of eliminating pooled rainwater can keep the pests away from your immediate surroundings. Anything around your yard that is a source of standing water that is not moving and isn’t chlorinated needs to be emptied so you don’t encourage mosquito breeding. That includes toys, planters, old tires or little pools that form under leaky faucets.

Stay safe during mosquito season! I’ve listed some important reminders below.

Timing your showers

  • Showering right before heading outdoors can cut your appeal to mosquitoes as much as 50% by washing off something mosquitoes find enticing, lactic acid, which is released through your skin.

Using a peppery repellent

  • It’s Picaridin, a synthetic compound that smells like black pepper, which mosquitoes hate! The repellent, which is deemed for safe long-term use by the EPA and the World Health Organization, repels mosquitoes as effectively as DEET. Plus, it’s orderless, non-greasy and won’t harm fabrics.

No sipping beer outdoors

  • Mosquitoes love the smell of beer and are attracted to drinks with bubbles, reasons you’re 30% more likely to be bitten if you drink beer outdoors! Instead sip wine, cocktails and flat drinks like lemonade or iced tea at outdoor gatherings.

Use a fan outdoors

  • Mosquitoes only fly in zero wind so if you are having a barbeque set up a fan to create a breeze.

Wear white or light clothing

  • Mosquitoes are highly visual and are attracted to dark colors, so wearing white or lighter clothes makes you less of a target.

Forgot your repellent and already have a bite?

  • Try Skin So Soft Bug Guard Plus Anti-Itch Spray. It does not repel insects but helps with the itch after the fact.
  • Avon Skin So Soft Bug Guard is DEET-free, PABA-free and dermatologist-tested.




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