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Need Makeup Tips For Photos?

Want to look incredible every time? Try these tips for great photos.

1) Skincare is EVERYTHING.
Great beauty starts with great skin. Your face is a canvas, and don’t you want it to be as soft, smooth and perfect as possible? Make sure you treat it right.. whether that’s giving yourself facials, wearing night cream, choosing an eye cream … you get the picture. (Try Avon Anew Skin Care for all ages)

2) Glow, don’t glitter!

Assuming you want to look radiant, not like you doused yourself in sparkles, avoid highlighters, blushes and powder that contain mica. These can make skin appear overly shiny and reflect too much light in photos. (Check out Avon’s True Color Eyeshadow Quads with 14 color combinations)

3) Nix the high shine lipstick.

Shiny, slick lipsticks require constant re-application. Instead, try a smooth lipstick with more of a matte finish to give lips a believable and stay-put flush. (Try Avon True Color Matte Lipstick in 12 shades)

4) Think primer, not powder.

Well, you can use some powder, but too much can make your face look pale and flat in photos. Instead start by applying foundation perfector and eyeshadow primer they’ll keep your makeup in place for hours and hours but won’t steal your glow like too much setting powder. (Look for Avon MagiX Face Perfector colorless primer and Avon True Color Eyeshadow Primer) and Smile!!


Avon Independent Sales Representative, Gold Ambassador Unit Leader, Honor Society member, Skin Care Specialist and National Recruiter.