All About Lips

How to decide what works best

For fair skin undertones of reds, pinks, mocha, beige and honey are perfect, whereas brownish shades of red, glossed beige and almost all variants of brown blend well with darker skin tones. And for the remaining who would fall in the medium skin tone category, rich shades of red, brown, pink and caramel will make for a perfect choice. Before buying any shade ask your Avon representative for samples to find out the exact shade and see how well it blends with your skin tone.

Prepare Your Lips

It is important to prepare your lips. A really soft tooth brush or a little sugar scrub will help exfoliate any loose skin. You can put a little moisturizer on your lips but don’t use lip balm as it would be an unstable base for your lipstick. The best base for lipstick is foundation. It’s full of moisturizing agents, helps even out your lip color,  helps lipstick stay on longer and prevents color changes during hot weather—heat causes the pigment to separate.

Lip Liner

Now the more important aspect of beautifying your lips with lipstick is the art of applying lipstick. If your lips are a bit on the thicker side then it is important to play them down to give your face a more balanced look. Begin by defining your lips with a lip liner or a lip pencil and do the lining only on the inside of the natural lip line. Next apply lipstick.

Now for those with thin lips, you need to use your lip liner a little outside your natural lip line so as to incorporate more area under the lipstick. You must avoid drawing too thick a lip line or one that is way outside your actual lip line. Once the lining is complete you can apply the lipstick.

If the thought of lip liner bothers you Avon Glimmersticks has a clear lip liner.

One last tip

 Matte finishes are good when you want your lips to look slimmer and gloss finishes help in giving your lips a fuller look.

Besides losing fullness and definition, your lips are often drier as you get older. Avoid matte textures, which can settle into cracks and draw attention to wrinkles; instead, stick to tinted lip balms or satin-finish lip colors for a soft, plush effect.  

Try Avon’s True Color Nourishing Lipstick infused with marine collagen and jojoba oil to nourish, plump and soften lips and fine lines.


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